Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 3

Oh my goodness! I can't believe its my third week out here. This last week just flew by!

This last week was HOT! Yesterday it was 102 and my companion and I went tracting for 2 hours. She was sick on Saturday so we needed to make sure we hit our goals on Sunday and we did!

I knew missionary work was hard work, but I didn't realize how hard until this week! Seriously.

The little town of Delta is a lot like Yakima I've decided. Very agricultural and very spread out. But you honestly can't beat a Colorado sunset. It's almost like you can reach out and touch it and the clouds look like you can grab them right out of the sky. Simply beautiful.

I've gotten to experience several thunder and lightning storms. They're so beautiful... So long as they're from a distance.

On Wednesday I got to go on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders, they're Spanish speaking and serve in the San Juan Branch. Before I continue, let me establish that I have NOT used Spanish since High School in my Sophomore year. Yet I was able to understand a lot of what these people were saying. I was able not only able to speak with them but I was able to bear my testimony... IN SPANISH with vocabulary I had never even learned! The gift of tongues is real, and it's not even my assigned language!

Sister Koenig and I are working hard here in Delta. We live in a little town house by ourselves. Apparently its one of the best living situations in the mission. We have more space than we can even use but its nice and we have a lot of privacy. Our next door neighbor is a member and she has two little boys. She feeds us about twice a week and always makes sure we are taken care of. Thankfully, we have a car with magnificent AC.

Sorry this email is a little shorter this week the letter to my mission president took longer than expected!

I love you all and thank you for your cards, letters, and emails! They are truly appreciated!


Sister Voss

Here is the pic for this week! This is Sister Koenig and I! She is my mom. Which is missionary speak for "she's my trainer and first companion out here on the mission." And a good ol' Colorado sunset!

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