Monday, December 28, 2015

Good morning!

Hello everyone! I'm going to keep this email super short..... mostly pictures, because..... 1)why not, and 2) our P-day is once again slammed with stuff to do!

I love you all and hope you had an AMAZING Christmas! I can't wait to hear from ya'll.

To the Sequim Dungeness Ward (and all others who contributed) Thank you sooooooo much for the box of goodies! It was such a wonderful surprise! I love you all SO much and can't wait to come back and hug every single one of you and thank you for your love and support!

Hermana  Voss

 Picture #1- Sister Conference. Fun Fact: I hurdle jumped the row of chairs in order to get there in time for the self timer to go off and made it with some serious clearance! It was good time!

Picture #2- Some down time before district meeting. I mean, how can we not have fun.
Pic#3 we're a bunch of weirdos. Hermana Gogue, Moody, Hiatt, yours truly, and Chandler :)

Pic #4- Elder Clubb and Ramirez. We played a rousing game of who knows their companions the best. This gem showed up when the question was asked, What did Elder Clubb want for Christmas that year. Elder Clubb (naturally) put food.... and Elder Ramirez came out of left field with Throwing Knives. Don't let the picture fool you though, these elders are solidly amazing!

Picture 5 and 6- Our reenactment of the Nativity with a wonderful family in our ward!

Picture 7- A little selfie love with our Zone. We were invited over to frost cookies and then went passing them out and caroling while it was snowing. It was a White Christmas! Starting at the front left and going clockwise- Sister Davies, Hermana Moody, Sister Beaman, Hermana Chandler, Elder Otto, Elder Diedrickson, Elder Taviuni (he is from the WA-Tac mission!) Elder Rich hiding behind elder Stephens, Hermana Gogue, Hermana Hiatt, and myself!

Picture 8- Are you surprised?

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It's Christmas time!

What a wonderful week we have had! Busy busy busy, and cold, cold, cold! But Worth it. Sister Moody and I are workin' our tails off and have been loving the people we teach. Miracles for days! The Hispanic culture is so hospitable and they absolutely love to talk about the Savior. Many of our brothers and sisters are desiring to know more about Christ and how they can draw closer to Him. It's amazing.

❄Christmas time is just so special!❄

Super cool experience: We were at a baptismal service at the Stake Center and this woman walked in. She was super distressed and asked for a Priesthood Blessing for comfort. She isn't a member of the church but she heard that with the Priesthood authority that worthy men can administer blessings. Sister Moody and I were in the room for the blessing and the spirit was just AMAZING. She said that she FELT so much of her negative feelings just leave her body, soul, and mind! She is going to be meeting with the missionaries!

In other news! I am an AUNT again! My sister had my niece on the 19th! Her name is Micheala Rae Franklin! I'm so excited!

I don't have much to write because this day has been REALLY whacky. But, I love you all, and ❄MERRY CHRISTMAS❄ from Hermana Voss and Hermana Moody!😘

I will send pictures next week because I forgot my camera. Sad!

Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Voss

Monday, December 14, 2015

6 months!!

How is that even a thing!

I'm going to apologize in advance because my English is getting horrible! I'm at that awkard point where I can't speak English OR Spanish and I forget words all the time.... and how they're spelled. All you Return Missionaries know what I'm talking about!

Christmas time is here and we have been busy busy busy! Lots of people to teach and a lot of people who want to hear about Christ. Hearts are truly softened at this time of year. I love it!

We had a week crammed with meetings and lessons so not much to report other than teaching some amazing people! This work is the best. And the hardest!

Story time! I got to see the infamous Zach McCulley on Thursday! Our Stake had a giant Christmas concert with the Mormon Chorale and Lakewood Symphony and who has a friend in the Chorale? Yup! Zach McCulley! I'm pretty sure I almost passed out from shock. Pics on their way!

The concert was absolutely sublime and a great way to get everyone geared for the holidays and reflecting on the birth of our savior.

PS: I had my first tamale at our ward Christmas party. It was to die for!

I love you all and will be sure to write more next week. We have miracles in the plans for this week! I love it!

Hermana Voss

 1 and 2- Our ward's Christmas party was a Night in Bethlehem! The Hermanas and I and then our whole district! Compelete with authentic(ish) attire :P We had a ton of fun! So much food too. I thought I loved Mexican food before.... woah man, now its an addiction!

3-Hermana Moody y Yo
4- Zach and I

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 27

Here I am still in Lakewood but on the dark side speaking Spanish! I just love it!

This last week we had Stake Conference (La Conferencia de Estaca) which was super cool! We had a visiting 70 speak to us, Elder Grow. The topic was members and missionaries working together.

My challenge to all of you is to invite the Missionaries over for dinner, even if you're not a member. (at least once a month because it is REALLY hard to live on MSF funds alone when you rely solely on other people to feed you dinner). Also, ask them if there are any allergies. That is a story for another time, and either give them a referral (We know you know people who need the gospel so don't hide it) and or to find an hour to go out with them sometime this month! Brothers and Sisters, we (as missionaries) CANNOT do this work without you, and you can't do it without us. We have to work together. I know you may think it is scary, and you don't want to breach relationships, but everyone on earth deserves to hear this gospel, or else why would they be here?!

Okay, now I'm off my soap box. I love you all and I love, love, love this work. Despite the FREEZING temperatures! But its okay. Hand warmers save lives. Thank you Mama Sue and Papa Steve, my phalanges thank you!

The Spanish culture is AWESOME. I love these people to death! There is a lot of cheek kissing, which is really weird when an old man does it and you've been in white culture for the past 5 months and are used to shaking hands with everyone of the male gender. Es muy raro! (Its really weird). Also, the food. Can we just take a minute to talk about Spanish food. Its ridiculously good. And I'm NEVER hungry. Every time we go into someones house (member or not) we are fed and or given something edible to take with us. It is a think of beauty. PS. I'm NEVER buying walmart Tortilla's again. I had real flour tortilla's the other day and I almost cried because they were so amazing!

Okay, so this email was really not all that spiritual. But I will have more words of spirituality next week. Lol

I encourage all of you to take the time to look at the Christmas initiative videos from this year and last year, and decide what you are going to give Christ this year :)

Here is my new address:
7160 W. Cedar Ave
APT #1
Denver CO, 80226

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Voss
Sister Davies and I. A goofy picture is always necessary!
Mi Madre y yo! (My mother and I) She is my mother because she is my first Spanish Companion and training me!