Monday, December 14, 2015

6 months!!

How is that even a thing!

I'm going to apologize in advance because my English is getting horrible! I'm at that awkard point where I can't speak English OR Spanish and I forget words all the time.... and how they're spelled. All you Return Missionaries know what I'm talking about!

Christmas time is here and we have been busy busy busy! Lots of people to teach and a lot of people who want to hear about Christ. Hearts are truly softened at this time of year. I love it!

We had a week crammed with meetings and lessons so not much to report other than teaching some amazing people! This work is the best. And the hardest!

Story time! I got to see the infamous Zach McCulley on Thursday! Our Stake had a giant Christmas concert with the Mormon Chorale and Lakewood Symphony and who has a friend in the Chorale? Yup! Zach McCulley! I'm pretty sure I almost passed out from shock. Pics on their way!

The concert was absolutely sublime and a great way to get everyone geared for the holidays and reflecting on the birth of our savior.

PS: I had my first tamale at our ward Christmas party. It was to die for!

I love you all and will be sure to write more next week. We have miracles in the plans for this week! I love it!

Hermana Voss

 1 and 2- Our ward's Christmas party was a Night in Bethlehem! The Hermanas and I and then our whole district! Compelete with authentic(ish) attire :P We had a ton of fun! So much food too. I thought I loved Mexican food before.... woah man, now its an addiction!

3-Hermana Moody y Yo
4- Zach and I

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