Monday, December 28, 2015

Good morning!

Hello everyone! I'm going to keep this email super short..... mostly pictures, because..... 1)why not, and 2) our P-day is once again slammed with stuff to do!

I love you all and hope you had an AMAZING Christmas! I can't wait to hear from ya'll.

To the Sequim Dungeness Ward (and all others who contributed) Thank you sooooooo much for the box of goodies! It was such a wonderful surprise! I love you all SO much and can't wait to come back and hug every single one of you and thank you for your love and support!

Hermana  Voss

 Picture #1- Sister Conference. Fun Fact: I hurdle jumped the row of chairs in order to get there in time for the self timer to go off and made it with some serious clearance! It was good time!

Picture #2- Some down time before district meeting. I mean, how can we not have fun.
Pic#3 we're a bunch of weirdos. Hermana Gogue, Moody, Hiatt, yours truly, and Chandler :)

Pic #4- Elder Clubb and Ramirez. We played a rousing game of who knows their companions the best. This gem showed up when the question was asked, What did Elder Clubb want for Christmas that year. Elder Clubb (naturally) put food.... and Elder Ramirez came out of left field with Throwing Knives. Don't let the picture fool you though, these elders are solidly amazing!

Picture 5 and 6- Our reenactment of the Nativity with a wonderful family in our ward!

Picture 7- A little selfie love with our Zone. We were invited over to frost cookies and then went passing them out and caroling while it was snowing. It was a White Christmas! Starting at the front left and going clockwise- Sister Davies, Hermana Moody, Sister Beaman, Hermana Chandler, Elder Otto, Elder Diedrickson, Elder Taviuni (he is from the WA-Tac mission!) Elder Rich hiding behind elder Stephens, Hermana Gogue, Hermana Hiatt, and myself!

Picture 8- Are you surprised?

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