Friday, June 12, 2015


Good Morning Every One!

  Today is P-day. Hallelujah! Our zone has come up with our own holiday, "P-day Eve". It's a real thing. If we can just make it to P-day Eve we will be okay!

Things have been CRAZY here! We are literally fitting a 21 Day curriculum into 12 days. No joke... And it is a killer. But it is so amazing. This week Sister Messinger and I have really started to teach by the spirit. We have been getting out of our heads and been getting into our hearts and helping that guide the lessons we teach to our investigators. We have made some miraculous progress with 2 of them and one of them took a huge step in praying last night. She hasn't prayed in 13 years!

We've been learning so MUCH! It is astonishing how much the Holy Ghost helps you remember everything!

Tuesday night we had our Devotional and we had Linda K. Burton, the President of RS Gen Presidency, speak with us! What a wonderful experience. I participated in the choir, yes, I'm that predictable!

Today we are wrapping up as we leave at zero-dark-thirty (330 am to be exact) on Monday morning to head to COLORADO!!!! I'm so excited to hit the field.

I still can't get pictures uploaded here. But will have a TON for you next week :)

Thank you all for your wonderful replies and your letters. I have loved getting every single one of them. I am working on replies but because free time is impossible here (even on P-days) It is taking me longer to write them.

I love you all and miss you all but I love this work dearly.

Sister Voss

Don't send any more letters until I get you my new address. If you send them now I won't get them before I leave on Monday and I don't think mail forwarding is an option here with the high turnover rate!

Thanks everyone!

Sister Voss

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