Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hello from Delta Colorado!

Hello Everyone!

I know a lot of you were hoping to get emails yesterday but the library was closed!

Last Monday we flew out to Colorado. Our flight was supposed to leave at 830 am but because of air traffic and then a power surge we didn't take off until 1120. It was really frustrating! We just wanted to get to Colorado! But my companion and I got share the gospel with quite a few people. We placed a Book of Mormon and gave people info for Mormon.org. It was a great experience.

Once we finally arrived we met our mission president and mission mom, President and Sister Murdock. They are some amazing and truly inspired people! We spent the first day at the mission home, had an orientation, and got to know our "Mission parents". Tuesday morning we had transfer meeting starting at 645 am. No joke. Geographically, our mission is HUGE! I was assigned to serve on the "Western Slope" in the Montrose Zone in the Delta/Uncompahgre (Un-kum-pah-gray) Ward. They assign those who are going out to the Western Slope first because it quite literally takes 4 hours to get out to Grand Junction where there is another transfer meeting going on. We get off, and then those who are assigned to go back to the Central area leave and they don't get back until 730 8pm.

We got on the "transfer train" which is really just a fancy way of saying "packing 20 missionaries into 2 vans and a truck with a giant trailer on the back with your luggage, and caravanning several hundred miles". I am in a little town called Delta and I am quite literally the furthest away from the mission home that I can get in our mission. I'm closer to Utah than Denver! Hahahaha! My companion (trainer) Sister Keonig (Kay-nig) is the greatest AND she is from Edmonds WA! Crazy, right?! She is a power house and has been out here for 14months!

Delta is really hot this time of year. It was 104 degrees on Saturday. Needless to say we didn't do much tracting. It's a very small little town, smaller than Sequim, but the field is white for harvest! In just the week that I have been here, Sister Keonig and I have seen some amazing miracles! I taught my first lesson unassisted my 2nd day out here and it was astonishing how much the Holy Ghost prompted and ran that lesson. I think I remember maybe half of what I said.

I know everyone is getting restless to know what my address is so here it is:
Sister Voss
665 Bluff Place
Delta CO 81416

I would absolutely LOVE to receive letters from you, it makes the week go by faster and I can write during the week instead of just in my one hour on P-days! You'd be surprised how quickly it goes by!

I love you all and I love getting your replies. Please know that I read them even if I don't reply. Every single one of you mean the world to me, and I am so thankful to have such a giant family to be supporting me while I am out here serving the people of Colorado.

All my Love,

     Sister Voss

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