Saturday, June 27, 2015

Book of Mormon Challenge

Things are pretty great here in Colorado. Not as intense as the MTC. We actually have time to breathe here in the field. So far I really enjoy it here. I love my mission president & his wife. They have had some amazing revelations as to how to better the mission. Last month our mission was the first spot in baptisms in the North America missions. We have a goal for one baptism & family/member reactivation a month and we have been pretty successful!

Our mission does this challenge every now & then where we read the Book of Mormon in a transfer (42 days!)  and we are doing it this transfer. We are supposed to go in & highlight any references to the Savior * then we write His names/titles in the back pages. So far we are on day 7 and I have over 45 written down. It just goes to show that the Book of Mormon really does testify of Christ! More even than the Bible! I was reading somewhere that the BoM mentions the Savior on an average 1.7 verses compared to every 3.8 in the Bible. If we abide by the commandments in the BoM, we will come unto Christ by it's power more than any other book in existence. After just a week my BoM has more green than white on it's pages. In particular 2 Nephi 9. My testimony of Christ has been growing by leaps and bounds, it blows my mind. The Book of Mormon brings us closer to God without a doubt.

I encourage everyone to read the BoM in 50 days (10 pages a day) and highlight all of the references to our beloved Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. I promise you will all know the truthfulness of it and you will know that it truly testifies of Christ. I love the Book of Mormon & I love that I get to be a missionary of Christ and teach everyone about His true and restored gospel!

I love you all so much and I miss you like crazy! My companion and I are absolutely on fire with the spirit & we are already seeing miracles and accomplishing mighty things.

Thank you all for your letters, I really appreciate them! It's way better to get mail all week than have to hold out for p-day to hear from everyone. We only get 30 minutes to check and respond to emails, but I can write letters any time!

I LOVE YOU ALL!  Sister Voss

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