Friday, June 5, 2015

I'm here at the MTC!

Good Morning Everyone!

      Oh my goodness! I don't even know where to start! Today is my P-day and next Friday will be too. Wow. These last three days have been amazing! Tuesday night I parted ways with the wonderful Erica Sandau (I love her!) and got to stay with Mama Chums (Grace Chumley) and her son and daughter-in-law. Wednesday morning I packed up, and we met with Zach, whom many of you remember, and had pizza. They dropped me off at the MTC where the whirlwind began!

     I got my name tag, which was definitely a tear jerking moment for me. Dropped my bags off, and then headed up to my classroom to meet my companion. Steve Brown, I'm SO glad we ran because my dorm room and my classroom are quite literally at opposite ends of the campus. AND to top it off, my classroom is on the 5th floor.... 72 stairs, yes I counted. I cannot even count how many times a day we climb those buggers.

     After dragging myself up those stairs, I met my companion, Sister Messinger (pronounced like messenger, as in messenger of God, way cool). I walked in and I heard "You must be Sister Voss! You're my companion!" And I was bombarded by 5ft 2in of blonde!First of all, let me start off by saying I LOVE SISTER MESSINGER!!! I was so worried because I'm a very independant and strong woman. I thought I would either crush my companion with my personality or hate her. It is neither of those! Bishop Judd, this sister is the very definition of a power house! I never thought I could grow to love someone as quickly as I came to love her. She is 24, from Arizona, has her degree in theatre and speech therapy and before her mission she taught children's theatre. Her love for the gospel and the savior is mind blowing to me. She is a true gem. We have so much in common, but in these first few days we have found that whatever I lack, she has; and whatever she lacks, I have. Yesterday was a really hard day for her. She was doubting why she was here and was feeling really overwhelmed. I didn't really know how to help her because she was struggling with very personal feelings. We have been serving each other in every way we can but I felt like I could only be there for her as a physical human being. Or so I thought.

Later that evening we met with our Branch Presidency. They're the best! Pres and Sis. Brown, Hall, and Clark. Sister Hall is from England and also a convert. I got to speak one on one with President Brown and he told me all about comapnionships and that the best thing I could do for Sister Messinger, or any companion I have, is to pray for her, and serve her. Bingo! I could pray for her!

That evening we had our companionship prayer and I prayed for her. In my personal prayer I prayed for her and for my morning personal prayer I prayed for her. This morning, she woke up completely recharged and ready to tackle the day. She is a true warrior in Christ!

I testify that this companionship was inspired of our Heavenly Father who knows exactly what and who we need in our lives to become successful missionaries, or even children of God for that matter. And I testify that if we put the needs of our brothers and sisters, children of God, first, we in turn will be blessed and strengthened.

I am running out of time but I love you all! I will reply to you next week! I will also figure out how to upload pictures here.

Sister Voss

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