Monday, July 6, 2015


Hello All! I cannot believe it has been 1 month that I have been a missionary! Crazy!

I absolutely love this work, despite the heat.

 I tried to upload a video and its just too big to send. Yesterday I got to experience my first Midwest rain storm. Holy-wow-rain. The raindrops were HUGE. We watched the clouds roll in as we were tracting and as soon as we felt the first rain drops we ran to the car. It was perfect timing because we had just finished speaking to a gentleman. And then, the heavens unleashed their fury. We must have sat in the car for 15 minutes because we could barely see out the window!

On the 4th we didn't get to do a whole lot of teaching. The majority or people were gone so we mostly gave service to those in our ward. It was hot! (Surprise). But we enjoyed it.

My (first world) struggle for this last week. Our house is great! However, the AC works fantastically downstairs, it's always an ice box. I'm not sure how accurate our thermostat is. But the AC doesn't work upstairs hardly at all. I was able to fiddle around with the vents a week or so ago and was able to get some cool air flowing upstairs but it was still significantly hotter upstairs than it was downstairs. The thermostat downstairs would say 68 but upstairs it would be about 80. Not fun to sleep in. We finally got the bright idea to call our Ward Mission Leader and his wife. They are absolutely wonderful people, they're our parents out here basically. They came over and Br. Christensen took out the air filter from the air duct because it really wasn't doing anything because it was pulling in air and not pushing it out so that GREATLY helped the airflow throughout the house. He couldn't get in to the room where the furnace was because it was locked. He thought that the airflow might be off.

But we thought, "okay, problem solved its going to be so much cooler!". WRONG! We came back in the middle of the day and found that it was actually hotter downstairs, 75 degrees. But we had left a window open so we figured that was the problem. We came home later that night after a long day and it was 78 downstairs so we guessed it was about 85-90 upstairs. We figured out that our vents were blowing out warm air despite us having our thermostat being set to 67. We tried everything. we turned it off, switched the braker (not sure if that is spelled correctly). Nothing helped! We did not sleep well that night. At about 3 AM I looked towards my companion's bed and asked "are you awake?" She said, "of course...." I exclaimed "THIS IS AWFUL!!" She went downstairs to stop the air all together and we opened the windows. Very little sleep was had that night.

As I was saying my morning prayers I said "Heavenly Father, PLEASE fix our AC. I don't know if I can handle another night like last night. And could you please make it nice and cool outside, just for today?" Miracles happened! I went down to turn the air back on and it started blowing COLD air! AND it didn't get any hotter than 73 yesterday with a giant rainstorm tacked on. It was a glorious day! I love the power of prayer! Even if it is Heavenly Father taking pity on me for begging unceasingly for rain and cooler weather. Today, it is back to being a high of 93 today.

Another miracle that happened this week: My companion and I were out tracting in a town called Olathe (Oh-lay-thuh) on Friday. We ran into this man who was sitting outside his door step. Here in the CDS Mission we have a survey that we ask people and that's how we go about door to door. I said hi to this man and he waived us away. He couldn't talk, only grunt. and I asked verbally if he could sign as well as in ASL but he shook his head and he pointed to the top of his head and we understood that we had a brain injury. We bid him farewell and, having finished that block, we walked back to the car. We didn't know where to go next so Sister Koenig and I said a prayer. I looked at her and said we needed to go back to that man. She looked at me like I was crazy. Our survey questions are mostly Yes or No questions or can easily be made into yes or no questions. We went back and I asked if we could ask him some Yes or No questions. He answered all of them shaking his head, using his hands and using his voice with positive or negative inflection. I was able to teach him about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. We found out that he had been in an accident a few years ago and it left him with paralysis on his right side, no ability to speak, and delayed thinking. He has a very strong belief in our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and was really receptive to our message and really seemed to understand it, he just had to think about things a little harder sometimes. We invited him to church and we asked if we could come back to see him again so that we could introduce him to someone who could give him a ride to church. He eagerly said yes and we went back the following day and talked about the Sabbath and how important it is. I'm not sure what will come of him, but I know that Heavenly Father was testing to see if I would follow the promptings of the Spirit. I'm so glad I did because this man is ready for the gospel!

That's about it for this week. I'm ready to hit the ground running after P-day

I love you all and thank you so much for your cards, pictures, and packages, they mean the world to me and they truly make my day! I hope you know that I love you, but not half as much as Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you. Believe in prayer and believe in miracles, they happen every day!


Sister Voss

The first is the Rainbow after the storm. We could see both ends of the rainbow and there was another one on the outside of it that was faint but still there. Double Rainbow, pretty cool if you ask me!

And the second is our house errrmm, condo? Anyway, ours is the one on the right and that's our car.

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