Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 5

Hello Hello!

Oh man! There isn't a whole lot to report here this week! And I don't have pictures! As busy as we have been, I wish we had more to show for it. But it's all in the Lord's timing. Our AC stopped working again, but Heavenly Father has blessed us with cooler weather this last week so it hasn't been too bad. The last few nights on the other hand have been not so great. Fun Story: we decided to move our beds downstairs to where its cooler. So.... we now sleep in our living room. But it's worth it. We have contacted our landlord (who lives in Arizona) and he is supposedly sending someone to come fix our AC, hopefully, for good this time. Pray for relief! Sister Voss doesn't deal with hot weather very well. Growing up in WA has spoiled me.

My companion and I are struggling here in Delta but we know that that means Heavenly Father has something in the works and that blessings are just around the corner. We appreciate all of your love and prayers and I can't wait to have more adventures and miracles to write to you about. 

***Also:  Important for those of you who have been sending letters and packages.*** First of all THANK YOU! I try to write letters back but sometimes forget or don't remember if I have or not. There is this thing called "mission brain". It's like pregnancy brain, but worse and very real. I can't remember things like what day it is, or the names of actors, or remember lyrics/ melodies to songs I liked or the name of movies. Well, I shouldn't be focusing on those things anyway so the Holy Ghost is making it so that I completely focus on the work like I should! ANYWAY (See? Mission Brain)! As this is week 5 of 6 of the transfer, if you are going to send anything, be sure to send it no later than Monday the 20th. I don't know if the Lord will be keeping me in Delta or if He will be calling me to serve in another area. 

Either way, I know that this is the Lord's work and I am so grateful that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have found my small insignificant testimony enough to be a representative of Him! I testify that Christ lives and loves each and every one of us. I know that the true church of Jesus Christ has been restored on the earth through a prophet and that today we have an amazing prophet who is also called of God, Thomas S. Monson. And I know that the Book of Mormon truly testifies of Christ. The Church is true, the book is blue!

I love you all so dearly! But not nearly as much as our loving Heavenly Father and big brother, Jesus Christ, do!

Sister Voss

Interesting factoid:
Sonic is amazing! The Sonic here in Delta is owned by a member so Missionaries get free meals! It's dangerous lol.

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