Monday, February 29, 2016

Not much!

This will mostly be picture story time because we have NO TIME left in our P-day!!!! BUT, the work is awesome. I LOVE sister Bendorf and we are seeing miracles every day. Need I say anything more?!

Also- No big deal, but we get to go see David Archuleta who is having a fireside on the metro side of the mission. Saturday with David Archuleta. Heck yeah!


1) Me and Sister Bendorf. She is from Nebraska and has a BEAUTIFUL voice!
2) This is on Federal BLVD. This isn't a rare occurrence.... When you see the detail we saw, you'll understand. *facepalm*
3) So this little guy decided to randomly show up today during studies. Scared the daylights out of us. We may have screamed. I plead the 5th.

I love you all! Have a great day!
Love, Hermana Voss

PS. Our selfie pic.... We had a long day. No judging the bags under our eyes. Those are faces of success!

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