Monday, March 7, 2016


So yeah. I'm half way through. I'll be hitting my 9 months in the field next Wednesday. I'm still not quite sure how that is possible but the calendar doesn't lie. There are days when I feel like I have been here for an eternity. Those are the long and hard days. But most of the time, I swear I just got out here and I'm still in my first transfer.

This week Sister Bendorf and I had an amazing week! We had one of our dearest investigators show up to church today. She asked for this day off 3 WEEKS AGO! When she walked in, the ward completely took over and smothered her with love. Which is a good problem to have.

I know that every week my emails are about the same... but hey. I do the same thing. All day. Every day. Except this week. Here is a couple for my future posterity.

Sister Bendorf and I invited the ice cream guy at the little tienda we go to every friday, on a church tour, then taught a lesson to a referral, who is the owner of a taco stand, at 8pm, followed by a lesson taught to a male stripper by the name of "Kandy Man". Best. Night. Ever. All in the same day too!

This is how we do it!


Pictures are on the way

Hermana Voss

1) At the temple! It was a glorious day! There is nothing better than being able to receive answers and start off your morning with a session with the Savior.

2) We made Tamales with Betty and Miguel. I'm white, and I couldn't get the flash to turn off.

3) Myself, Betty, and Hna. Bendorf

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