Monday, March 21, 2016

Over the river and through the woods

Well, we still have NO idea what happened to my GPS. BUT! GOOD NEWS! It LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVES! Though I'm not sure how..... But at least now we don't have to drive all over the mission to try and find where we are going. I was about ready to get a priesthood blessing for my GPS!

This week was super awesome! Sister Bendorf and I fasted and prayed to find the elect this last week and BOY DID WE! We are finally able to teach people about the gospel who are really looking for Christ and desiring to learn more and to be changed by the gospel. I love it! We have been working so hard and have been seeing a lot of fruits of our labors. This transfer I have truly come to understand a little more what it means to be diligent and humble. As missionaries, we CANNOT do this work without the Lord. And the folly is on us if we think we can do it ourselves. This is the Lord's work, we are merely instruments in his perfect hands.

Not much else to report. We keep on keepin' on!

I will be sending "9 month" pictures after this. It's a Sister Missionary thing. Hehehehehe. 

I love you all!

Hermana Voss

1) My companion is the best. I love her!
2 and 3) NO I haven't gained THAT much weight!

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