Monday, February 22, 2016


Okay, I am definitely a fan of this new transfer system! I am staying in the area again :) YAY! Which means I have 3 transfers in an area for the first time. Woohoo! And my new companion is Sister Bendorf. Sister Bendorf and I served around each other when I was in Delta my first transfer. She is an STL and I am SO excited to go out and work our tails off! Maybe I'll actually get to keep her for more than a transfer before I get sent Out West.

Also, this transfer is going to be super weird because it is a 7 week transfer instead of the normal 6 week transfer. They are changing the MTC training time back to 3 weeks instead of 12 days, which means those of us out here in the mission field have to do some switching around. So this should be fun!

Also, all you Washington people. You know how there comes that time in the season where there are geese flying over EVERY SINGLE DAY?! Yeah, I found out where they come to. Here. There are geese EVERYWHERE. ALL day. EVERY day.

Not much else to report. My Spanish is getting better and I absolutely LOVE THIS WARD! I'm still waiting to be able to understand people though.

Hopefully I will have more news for next week. I love you all :)

Hermana Voss

1) The Zuni District Sisters. Yours Truly, Hna. Harper, Hna. Chandler, and Hna Gutierrez.

2) A sweet surprise to a good friend :) Missionaries, we are professional stalkers

3) Our crazy zone. A LOT of white washing happening and a lot of people being with companions they've had before/ areas they've been in before. That's pretty unheard of in this mission.

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