Monday, November 30, 2015

Hello! I'm Sister Voss..... or should I say Hola! Soy la Hermana Voss!

Okay so y'all remember how last week I had announced that I was an ASL (American Sign Language) Missionary. Yeah, I'm not anymore. After two transfers of being an ASL Missionary (and FINALLY getting my nametag), I have now been switched to Spanish speaking. SURPRISE!!!!

Story TimeFriday morning we saw that President was calling and we're like, that's super weird.😯 So we all start panicking. (We haven't been disoedient we swear, its just VERY uncommon for the mission president to call us.) ANYWAY! We answered and he asked if I was there and then he asked to speak to me in private. I like start COMPLETELY freaking out on the inside thinking I've done something wrong without knowing it!😦 So I went upstairs to talk with him and he says "Sister Voss, I hear you know a lot of languages". How he knows this I don't know, but I don't actually speak language I can just read and sing them! ANYWAY! "How is your Spanish? I have a Spanish sister going home and we don't have any Spanish missionaries coming out until next transfer which means we are short one sister. I would like to have you switch, is that alright?" I'm thinking, okay, this guy is pulling my leg, he has to be! Of course I said yes. I'm not going to deny Heavenly Fathers perfect plans. He said he would get back because he wanted to pray and fast about it to make sure it was right but that he was pretty sure this is what the Lord wanted.😰

Long story short we went to the mission home for interviews and he said "Sister Voss, will you be a Spanish sister." And I accepted. So.... SOY LA HERMANA VOSS! Mucho gusto! PS- Prayers are appreciated.

 I will still be here on the Metro side, where I am going, and who my companion is, but I don't know what my new address is. That will come next week. 😊

Other than that, we had a pretty great week, CHALK full of miracles and teaching so many people with great potential! One of those miracles being fed SO MUCH FOOD on Thanksgiving. #LeftOversFo'Days!

I love you all and am so excited to start sharing the miracles that happen in my new calling!

Lastly, I have been getting emails about Christmas gifts. Honestly, I don't have much room in my suitcases, but hand warmers and wool socks are always appreciated. I will MAKE room for them. Mostly I would just love for you all to take the time to write me your testimony (whether it be of the Savior, the Gospel, the Book of Mormon) whatever! I would love to have them. BUT if you are going to send Christmas gifts, apparently there is a specific way we are supposed to do it here on the mission so you will have to get into contact with Sue and Steve Brown on how to go about that because I have no idea what is going on. Thank you all for your love, support, and prayers!

Happy Holidays!


Sister Voss

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