Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Transfer calls soon!

My 4th transfer is already almost over! How is this even possible?!

This last week was a miracle filled week! We were busy, busy, busy! Best miracle of the week. We quite literally had a miracle handed to us! We had a referral from Church Headquarters. We contacted H, the referral. When we went up to her door we knocked and she came right out and was like, "Hi! It is so nice to meet you!" I was standing there in complete shock. I even looked down to make sure we all had our nametags visible because I'm thinking, "Uhhhh.... do you not see our nametags? You know we're Mormon.... right?" She continues on, "Yeah! They told me you would be stopping by but I didn't know when!" Come to find out she grew up Lutheran but has been looking for something more. She decided to go on to Mormon.org and look up the beliefs of the church and the FAQ's.... And (no joke) her husband grew up JW!!!!!!!! How is that even possible! I have seriously found the reason I am supposed to be here in Lakewood. Last week we fasted and prayed to find a family to teach who is prepared to hear the gospel. Literally, THE FOLLOWING DAY, we get that referral. She is so solid and we have an appointment on Tuesday with her and her husband (haven't met him yet)!

As always, the 6th week of the transfer brings so much anticipation and stress. We want to work our hardest to see miracles but we also don't want to lose our beloved companion or in my case, companionS. I feel like I am starting to see a small glimpse of how Heavenly Father and Christ see these two beautiful daughters of God. Sister Davies is the finest of the stripling warriors! Fearless, diligent, and amazingly compassionate. Sister Beaman is so tender-hearted and a silent giant. She knows how to bring the spirit into a room quicker than anyone I have ever met.

In other news, I am an American Sign Language missionary. (Some of you know this already, but now it is official!) Name tag and all! I'll send pictures.

Since it is the 6th week of the transfer please send letters and packages (after Wednesday) to the mission home. I'm hoping and praying I get to stay here in Lakewood. It would be nice to stick around in an area for a while!

I love you all and I hope you are seeing miracles every week!

Until Next week! Love,
Sister Voss

 Sister Davies and have a date with Hot Chocolate every night out on the front porch when we finish planning

My new name tag! It is like a dream come true!

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