Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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Not much to report this week other than the fact that the three of us are thoroughly EXHAUSTED! We have our hands completely full with an overflowing teaching pool! Which is AWESOME, but REALLY hard to find the time to teach everyone.

Tonight/ tomorrow we are apparently supposed to have a pretty nasty blizzard so we might be stuck inside all day tomorrow which is a bummer because our week is completely and utterly packed this week. But I'm still not 100% better from the flu, so a day of rest might be nice. Gotta get some energy back instead of running on fumes like I was this week.

I'm going to keep it short because we have a lot of stuff to do if it is in fact going to snow tomorrow. I'll send you all pictures :)

I love you all!

Sister Voss

1) Sister Kenworthy, Sister Messinger and myself! My first and 3rd companions! I love them so much!

2) It was Sister Beaman's 20th birthday on Sunday. We had such a fun time decorating our living space and surprising her first thing in the morning. We got it all on video. Her reaction is PRICELESS! Can't wait to post it on FB after the mission!

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