Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 16

What a week!

Sister Ytac and I have been seeing some amazing miracles here in Fruita. I absolutely adore this place. On Saturday Sister Ytac and I got to go help set up for the Women's Broadcast at the Stake Center in Grand Junction. It was absolutely beautiful and so many beautiful sisters, too! What a joy it was to be there and to be so spiritually uplifted.

This next week we have some AMAZING plans for the area with our Ward Mission Leader, and we are so excited to be seeing our teaching pool grow every week! We are almost to the point where we need another set of sisters here to help us out!

Fun adventure of this week: A recent convert's son came over to spray our apartment because we have been having a pretty bad bug problem. Ugh. SO GROSS. So, he took some heavy duty spray for inside the apartment and some for outside the apartment. Oh man. We literally watched the bugs crawl away from the apartment. The next day, Sister Ytac and I walked out to our car to find a vast cockroach massacre on the port. Nothing like dead bug carcasses to make your skin crawl. But. Better outside and dead than inside and crawling around. Yuck. Fast forward a week later and we STILL have dead bugs showing up. I'm hoping this is a warning for all future bugs who decide they want to move in. WARNING: You will die.

Other than that, not a whole lot of new things going on. Just work, work, work! I love it!

The weather is still pretty toasty here in the afternoon but pretty chilly in the mornings. Not looking forward to the winter months, but the work must go on!

I love you all and hope you all enjoy General Conference this weekend! I'm looking forward to being spiritually uplifted and corrected!


Sister Voss

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