Monday, October 5, 2015

It's my Birthday!

First of all, thank you all SO much for the wonderful birthday wishes, emails, cards, and packages! It's been a lot of fun checking the mail every day! And seeing my entire email inbox flooded with emails! Sister Ytac and I have enjoyed all of your love! I have been trying my best to reply to your emails and sending cards. It's gonna take some time and I will do my best to write you all back!

We worked so hard here in Fruita this last week and saw a lot of our hard work finally start to bear some fruit. We have several new people to teach and a couple of them are ready to come unto Christ and enter into the waters of baptism! How exciting! We are truly finding the elect out here! On top of that we have found some less active members out here who are so ready to come back to church and restore their relationship with the Savior. I love this work!

Secondly, what an amazing week of spiritual food and uplifting messages! I love General Conference, and I especially loved the Women's Broadcast last Saturday #CreepyCat. Hahaha. President Uchtdorf is so funny! And three new Apostles! It just goes to show that the work here on earth is hastening and God has a lot for us to hear that is still relevant to us today!

Also, can we just talk about President Nelson's talk on the glory of being a woman in the Latter-days!? If you missed it I encourage you to keep your eyes peeled on because it is good for EVERYONE to hear, not just those of the LDS community. We are all beautiful and divine daughters of God! Well, son's too!

The fall colors up (down?) here are absolutely beautiful. Today it has been rainy all day and really reminds me of Washington. Its oddly refreshing. The weather has been gradually cooling down which is a relief to me. Not so much for my Californian/Philippine companion! But she is acclimating well.

Last Sunday was Sister Ytac's birthday, she turned 20, and our Ward Mission Leader and his family threw us a "double your pleasure" birthday party on Wednesday. We had a blast!

I have to head out but stay tuned to my Facebook page! A couple here in our ward is doing the honors of throwing us (another) birthday party tonight and will be posting pics and videos!

I love you all! Keep seeing the daily miracles and the Lord's hand in your lives! He lives, and He is always there!


Sister Voss
 Sister Ytac and I with our Fruita 2nd RS President, Sister Behrman. We love her!
One of our Sister Training Leaders here on the Western Slope, Sister Eldredge and I honoring you all with our beautiful faces
The birthday party, part one on Wednesday!

 We're the Cat's Meow! These came in a birthday box from the Bessey's

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