Monday, October 26, 2015

New Area! YAY!

Here I am in Lakewood Colorado on the COMPLETELY other side of the mission! We are just outside of Denver and let me tell ya. It is REALLY weird being back in the city life. I'm pretty sure I shed tears of joy seeing a Whole Foods and a Super Target right next to each other.

I was so upset to be leaving Fruita. Honestly, that place is the promised land! But I am already starting to find the reason why I am here on the metro side. We have found some amazingly prepared people. But if President ever needs someone to go back to Fruita, I'm his gal!

So fun news! I am in a "tripanionship" also known as a trio. My companions are Sister Davies and Beaman. Sister Beaman came out with me and Sister Davies came out the transfer after. We have hit it off so well. We are a bunch of Harry Potter and Disney nerds. Its the best. I don't know if President realizes how much of a mistake this was. Hahahaha! But we are completely obedient so that's all that matters. We live with a 96 year old woman down in her basement. Don't worry, its completely furnished and we have a GLORIOUS bathroom. That is seriously the best part. True story.

It's about 10 degrees colder up here, being about 1500 ft higher than I was. It has been a lot like Sequim weather which was a pleasant surprise. The first morning here the three of us went running in the pouring rain. Steve, remember the one and only time we did that? :P

This week we worked so hard and also had so much fun. We found some amazingly prepared people and are ready to thrust in our sickles with our might again this week. Saturday we had our ward "Trunk or Treat" which was so much fun and a great way to get to know some of the ward. We dressed up as Disney Princesses. I will attach pictures in the next email. Sister Davies was Rapunzel, Sister Beaman was Belle and I was Anna, complete with the white hair streak. Thank you Walmart for your cheap Halloween merchandise!

Sunday Sister Voss got thrown under the bus and had to give a talk in sacrament meeting, so that was fun. Our ward has 8 missionaries. A senior couple, the Gunthers (the mission President's Sister and her husband). They are our financial people in the mission home, and then the Lakewood Elders who are also a tripanionship.

Thank you all for your wonderful prayers this week. They have been felt in this time of transition! I didn't realize how hard it would be leaving Fruita. I love you all and please know that I pray for you often, if not daily.

Here is my new updated address effective immediately!

Sister Voss
2175 S. Estes St 
Lakewood CO 80227

Until Next Week!

Sister Voss

 Our legendary Halloween Costumes!

Time for a selfie!
 And a post rain run selfie
Yours truly being a total weirdo... TOTALLY out of character, I know.

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