Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Transfer Week

You guessed it! It's been another 6 weeks..... My how the time flies!

This week Sister Ytac and I worked our tails off! AND we hit our Mission's "Standards of Excellence" again!  We found so many people to teach! Two of whom were former investigators who weren't taking our message seriously a couple of missionaries ago. But they come to church EVERY WEEK without fail and stay for all three hours and actively participate! Last week Sister Ytac and I went up to E and R and asked if they would like to start taking the missionary discussions from us again and really seriously consider our message this time. We were both standing there holding our breath because the man, E, is the one that everything hinges on. R was ready to get baptized MONTHS ago. He said yes and we set up a time to meet with them. On Sunday after church we had an amazingly inspired lesson with E and R and our Ward Mission Leader's family, the Kinders. (They are awesome for anyone who doesn't know that already). We were very frank with E and R. E has some habits he needs to stop before he can be baptized and sure enough he came out with "it's a lot easier said than done". As he is sitting there saying this I'm thinking, "Sister Voss, its now or never. He's either going to take the gospel seriously or he isn't. Here goes nothing." I looked him straight in the face and said "E, you are a stubborn old man. You know it, I know it, R  knows it. EVERYONE knows it. You can darn well do whatever you set your mind to because you are THAT stubborn. If you want to stop these habits, I know you will stop them because that's the kind of man you are!". He was very quiet and I was sitting there thinking, "oh boy, now you've done it Sister Voss. Go big or go home, I guess." He looks at me and laughs and says "Yeah, I know". So. Good news! E and R are getting married and then they're getting baptized on the 14th of November!!!!

Miracles happen every day and that, my friends, is most definitely one of the biggest miracles I have seen on the mission! It's going to be a rocky road, but I know the gospel has the power to change even the hardest of hearts. E proved that to me this week.

As per usual, with transfers this week, be sure to send stuff no later than tomorrow or send it to the mission home address 999 E Tufts Ave, Denver CO 80113. Sister Ytac and I are about 95% sure we are going to stay in Fruita (YAY) to finish up her training. The goal is to stay through Christmas. I don't want to leave this place!

I love you all and thank you all, AGAIN for the wonderful birthday wishes. Sister Ytac and I are just beside ourselves with the love you poured out to the both of us!


Sister Voss

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