Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Goodbye Fruita!

Last night we FINALLY received transfer calls! Sad news :( I'm leaving Fruita AND Sister Ytac! I'm so sad! I love this place so much and we were just starting to see amazing miracles. But I know I have gotten comfortable here and that means its time to grow some more! I know wherever the Lord sends me He will put people in my path. I'm sorry this is so short but I gotta go pack up my stuff. You think it would be hard to get settled in in only 3 months but its pretty easy apparantly!

Also! Good news! E and R got married!!!!!! WOOHOOOOO!!! Now they are getting baptized on the 14th of Novemever!

I love you all!


Sister Voss

PS- I will send my new mailing address next P-day :)

Our district: L to R- Elders Christensen, Power, Green, Linde, Kerns, Humphreys, and Segal. Followed by yours truly and Sister Ytac
 Sister Ytac's birthday is a week before mine so we decided to get matching pajamas...They also just happen to be Wonder Woman onesies. They are the best!

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