Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 14

Holy cow the time flies so fast here! I can't believe I've been out in the mission for 14 weeks. Tomorrow will be my 3 month mark that I have been out in the field.

This week was pretty busy trying to get Sister Ytac situated and get everything she needs out here. We spent a lot of time with less-actives this week and 10 of them showed up to church! All of whom we have been teaching within the last couple of weeks! Woohoo!!

This week I have been SO tired. I'm not sure why. As a missionary, you're tired ALL the time because you are going LITERALLY from sun up to sun down.... and then some. 14 hours. But it is the best kind of tired. I lay down in bed at 10:15 and know that I have done absolutely everything I could that day that the Lord could put in our path.

The weather here is starting to cool down a little. But it still gets to be about 95 degrees in the afternoon on really sunny days. Yesterday was one of those days. Sister Ytac and I tracted for about an hour and a half. Lot's of people home on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and a lot of opportunities to talk to people. The Denver Broncos won yesterday so everyone was really excited about that.

This week Sister Ytac and I are working on getting her comfortable with OYM-ing. So pray for opportunities to see people on the streets and to give her courage!

We gotta go wash our car and get shopping done for the week. And nap.... an afternoon nap sounds really good. #Pday.for.the.win!

No picutres this week! :( Sorry! We were really stinkin' busy!

I love you all!


Sister Voss

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