Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week 12

Cabin Fever is the name of the game this week

So with Sister Kenworthy STILL not better we have been inside most of the week. Not sure what is going on but if she isn't better by Wednesday we will be calling our mission nurse again and try to figure things out. She's finished 2 Z-packs (Zithromiacin). And while most of her symptoms are gone her fatigue is not getting any better, it actually seems worse. So, we've been going crazy being stuck at home so much. But we have had some amazing spiritual conversations about life, scripture study, etc. Fun Story: We had a scripture chase to find the word sponge and marshmallow in the scriptures. They exist.

While she is resting, I've mostly been cleaning the heck out of our apartment. We have stuff from 6 missionaries ago. Not to mention it hasn't had a decent cleaning in quite a while. I'm pretty sure Sister Kenworthy and I have spent more of our MSF funds on fixing up our apartment than actually getting food, toiletries, etc. **Attention Future Missionaries reading this email- For the love of all other missionaries out there in the world: CLEAN YOUR APARTMENTS! Seriously. It's not always fun to clean. But it is necessary.** You can thank me later. 3 words "Be ye clean!"

This Saturday we will be getting transfer calls (I can't believe its already been 6 weeks!) I don't think either of us will be transferred which is fine by me. But President Murdock is the one that receives that inspiration. I absolutely love Fruita! I love the community, the ward, and my district! Sister Kenworthy and I haven't had a chance to really work the area, but I have grown to love this amazing daughter of God with all my heart. We have been able to experience some rather amazing and funny Companion "Comp" unity.

This morning we had an elder in our district with a birthday so we threw him a surprise birthday party! Sister Kenworthy and I made the cake. We all got to the church building and hid... which took a lot more creativity than you'd think without being blatantly disobedient. Sister Kenworthy and I hid behind come curtains (Sight and sound, always), Elder Lybbert and Sorhus hid behind the piano, and Elder Rogers and Kamrowski hid in an empty closet, which was hysterical to watch them fit into that tiny space. We were laughing so hard! Sometimes missionary work really is HARD work, but a lot of times that work is accompanied by a lot of fun and memorable moments.

With transfers just around the corner, keep in mind that if you're going to send packages or letters after Tuesday via USPS send it to the mission home office at:

Sister Leona Voss
Denver Colorado South Mission
999 E Tufts Ave
Cherry Hills Village CO 80113

They will forward it on to me, whether it be in Fruita or in another area, but only if its USPS. I will let you all know ASAP whether I will be transferred or whether I will be staying in Fruita!

I love you all and pray that you all see miracles every day! Thank you for keeping me in your prayers and I love reading your replies. It's always good to hear from you!

Sister Voss

PS- It was brought to my attention that the milk jug pic. did not attach so I will send that pic along with some pictures from Sisters Conference that we had on Tuesday of last week.

1) The ferocious milk jug

2)Sisters Conference! BACK ROW LtoR: Yours truly, Sister Kenworthy, Sister Davis, Sister Collins, Hermana Young, Hermana Eldredge, Sister Koenig, Sister Johnson. FRONT ROW LtoR: Sister Clarke, Sister Harshaw, Hermana Chavez, and Hermana Bendorf

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