Monday, October 24, 2016

It's not vandalism and breaking and entering if Sister Missionaries do it.... Right?

Buenos tardes a todos!

    Well this week has been quite the ride! We were SUPER busy! We taught some amazingly prepared people. We were all over the place. WOOHOO!

    Sunday, we made pancakes for our investigator, Z. Super awesome guy who lost his home in the Louisianna flood and hitch hiked here because he worked here last year. Insane. He is back on his feet and came to church. We went around to his bedroom window and knocked to get him out of bed and then we served him pancakes. There is nothing like Sister Missionary love. Hahahaha! Sunday is my FAVORITE day because we get to go round up all of our friends and investigators to church. It is pure joy!

     I went on exchanges with Sister Poulton who is from North Carolina. She is incredible and I love her. We are both book worms. We bonded over our love of reading and writing.

     This week we had the fun task of breaking into our bishops apartment because the spare key wasn't where it usually was..... So, I used a credit card to get in. And it worked. It's not breaking and entering if you're a sister missionary right? And you have permission? I don't think Hermana Clubb believed I could do it. Hahahahaha! But we have pics to prove it!

    Other than that, No other crazy (obedient) shenanigans for last week, but that just means there is time for more this week.

Have a great week everyone! Keep smiling!

Con Amor,
Hermana Voss

1) The Sunday morning round-up featuring homemade buttermilk pancakes. Bet you didn't know we were so domestic!
2) Companionship bonding time- brushing our teeth on our balcony in the morning.

3)Elote! This stuff is DA BOMB! Elote is corn on the cob. Traditionally they put Mayonessa (NOT Mayo or Miracle Whip, the taste is WAY different), parmesan cheese and chile. It is delightful! There are SEVERAL white vans that drive around the big trailer park out in Edwards and they're always selling mango, elote, papas, etc. It sounds really sketchy but its totally not. These guys make BANK I'm sure! And they're always SUPER surprised that a couple of gringas are fluent in Spanish. It's always fun to surprise people.
Pics 4-6 (Don't judge my outfit) The process of breaking in to our Bishop's apartment.

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