Monday, May 9, 2016

Busy Busy Busy

This week was super great! Come to find out, I am still here with Sister Bendorf for the rest of the transfer. After that, who knows!

This week was full of new experiences. We drove up to Golden for the first time ever. It's primarily worked by English missionaries, but from what it looks like, it was never worked by Spanish Missionaries, so we are heading up the search for those who speak Spanish out there who are ready to hear the gospel!! We are really excited to pioneer that area.

On Saturday our ward had an AMAZING Mother's Day activity. It was so great to see the ward really bond with each other and with our investigators. It was a huge success. One of our investigators, Miguel, was our guest MC and it was HYSTERICAL! The ward absolutely loved him! There was ward karaoke and some men in the ward and bishopric all got together to sing for the Mom's with their guitars. It was so adorable! And then our Bishop sang a song to his wife. I have video evidence! He's a pretty good singer too.

We continue to see miracles. Investigators whose hearts are softened, people who are searching for answers! It is incredible. Our ward is booming and so on fire for missionary work.

I love you all, hope you all had a fabulous Mother's Day for all you Mom's out there!


Hermana Voss

 1) Sister Cardosa has left the trio and it is Hna. Bendorf and I. We got cradle robbed! but I know Hna Salazar is training her super well :) We had to have one last comp date at Cold Stone!
2) The trio life!
3)Our investigator Miguel. He MADE that suit coat!

Here is a pic from Elder and Sister Gunther as we were Skyping home yesterday!!! :)

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