Monday, January 25, 2016

I'm running out of titles!

Another week in Colorado.... which I spent in my bed.... Being sick. Again. Ya just can't catch a break on the mission. Oh well, back to work this week!

NOW! On to the good stuff! Story time! Some of this is a recap, but bear (bare?) with me. Don't judge my English skills. Not the point.... Last Monday we had to go to the dentist because I had a filling that fell out. The bishop from the Clement Park ward is a dentist and offered to do my work for free. We got into the office and while he is numbing my mouth, he tells us that his dental assistant, sitting on the other side of me, is reading the Book of Mormon. As my mouth is beginning to get numb I'm bearing witness of the Book of Mormon and she said she really likes what she has been reading so far. Naturally, the bishop asks if he can send the missionaries over and she agreed. As she is working on my mouth she tells us how she used to be an atheist but found God by locking herself in her room for a day. She went over to ask her neighbor for a Spanish bible because she is half Puerto Rican! Sister Harper comes out of left field with, "We're Spanish missionaries!". She was really excited and as she continues to work on my mouth she starts talking to us in Spanish. Between the two of us, we were able to teach her bits and pieces of the Plan of Salvation, got her name, number, address, and return appointment set up! We saw her on Friday and taught her the rest of the Plan of Salvation, got her a Spanish Book of Mormon, and we are seeing her again this week! Talk about a celestial experience in finding those who are ready for the gospel!

This week we are still focusing on finding friends to teach, but the field is white for harvesting, this I know for a fact.

The picture of the week..... I'm just going to leave that to your imaginations. I desire a caption contest. If I were a betting woman, my bet is that Brother Chris Burton is going to own it! ;)

I love you all!

Hermana Voss

Caption contest.....and GO!
I wanted to get a picture of me in it... but my companion said no. Sigh.

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  1. I once had a Bishop tell me, I should want to go on a mission so badly, that my teeth hurt! Now here's an Hermana that took it to the next level; she wanted to find investigators so badly, her teeth hurt! What an awesome story and another incredible example of how the Lord can take an unpleasant experience and turn it into something miraculous.

    As for the photo caption; "Luxurious Colorado resort where outdoor plumbing will allow you to bathe serenely in full view of the plateau prairie grass. Easily accessible from a nearby road in a private setting, at a reasonable rate. Call today to book your reservation!"