Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Good Afternoon Fellow Children of God!

Yup! I'm still in Lakewood, Spanish speaking, and I LOVE it! My new companion is Hermana Harper, from Butte Montana. Fun Fact: She also dies (goes home) this transfer. Call me Hermana Assassin! Which means I will be here next transfer too. Its nice knowing your transfer news ahead of time, more or less!

Things have been pretty slow. We had to drop a LOT of friends (investigators) that weren't progressing and so we are starting with a pretty zero no teaching pool.... I can't think of how to say that in a better way. My English is awful and my Spanish isn't much better. Its an awkward state. However, Hna. Harper started out her mission in this exact area last year so we have a lot of former friends we are going to try again. And she knows the ward pretty well, so we are having some great success with the members! I'll say it again, members and missionaries CANNOT accomplish this work without each other! Do you have any friends that need the gospel? (If you're wondering, the answer is YES, because we all do!) You should have the missionaries over for dinner, (1 because food is the language of poor missionaries, and 2, they bring the Spirit!) and talk to them about your friends. *Get's off soap box*

In other news, no more transfer meetings. I'm pretty sad about that, but if that's what the Lord says needs to be done, I'll get over it, eventually....

STORY TIME- I had a dentist appointment yesterday because one of my fillings fell out. Because of the anesthetic, my face was crooked all day and it was hysterical! My companion and I took a lot of selfies of my half smile that I'll send in a follow up email.

Well, sorry this is so short. Yesterday was President's day so we couldn't email anywhere. And we have some appointments to get to!

I love you all!


Hermana Voss

In all of my numbed glory!

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