Monday, August 15, 2016


GOOD NEWS! I'M STAYING IN VAIL! Sister Young and I get to be together for another transfer. This place is the celestial kingdom. We are working hard and seeing miracles that can ONLY com from the Lord! I feel so honored to be a small part of this work.

In other news. We had to go get our car fixed up due to some poor decisions made by other missionaries. So, we were without a car for 4 days. Now for those of you who served "harder missions" I know you probably had it worse or whatever. But for us. We have MOUNTAINS and our area is HUGE. So, this week we rode on bikes. And one day we rode 25miles total in the POURING RAIN. It was insane! But so much fun. However, we are glad to have our car back! Hallelujah!

Have a good week everyone. I love you!


Hermana Voss

1) We went to a dance festival here in Vail. It was amazing! A couple of the dancers were members so we got to visit with them at church. This is a picture of us with the Webbs. They are fantastic!
2) Biking in the rain. We were HIGHLY unprepared for the day
3) We ended our sweets fast! So we celebrated with Donuts!

1) More Dance Festival fun!
2)District Picture. I love these missionaries!

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