Monday, July 11, 2016

Hello from beyond the Vail

Buenos dias a todos!

     Here I am in Vail CO. Wow! This place is amazing! I technically live in Avon but this place as a whole is stunning. I love being up in the mountains and being in the middle of wildlife. Our goal this transfer is to climb 2 14-ers. Mt. Evans is the first on the list. We are super excited! It is absolutely gorgeous. I loved Denver because it was the city and we had access to a lot and the Hispanic community was very big, but I love it here because it reminds me of the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. Its amazing what a little peace and quiet and a breath of fresh mountain air can do for you. And the majority of our ward is Hispanic because they all work in the hotels and ski resorts in the area all year round. This place is a hot spot for the winter and summer. The people here are so nice and hospitable. The ward reminds me of home! They are just so loving despite the obvious language barrier! 

      Our first Sunday here was fantastic. The ward is bilingual so our first sacrament prayer is offered in English and the other in Spanish. Same with the opening and closing prayers and the hymns. And then our RS and Priesthood is all bilingual! Sister Young and I will be teaching in RS next week. We are really excited! Sunday School classes are in their respective languages.

     My emails wont be very long this transfer because we have a lot of driving to do for P-days and we really want to try get out and see some beautiful sites. Our new mission president is really encouraging all of us to get out on P-days. And you know, I have to be obedient! Pull my leg. Lol.

     I hope that you all are well! Keep strong and know that I am praying for all of you daily!


Hermana Voss

Woo hoo? That's how you use a bench press. Right? it was a LONG planning day and it was HOT in the apartment!

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