Monday, April 18, 2016

It's partly cloudy and 47 degrees... with a slight breeze

Okay. So to explain the title. There is a number we call every morning to see what the weather is going to be like. I just happened to call the number without first looking outside. So I called the number and got "It's partly cloudy and its 47 degrees, with a light breeze" I looked outside and was like NO IT's NOT! IT'S DUMPING SNOW!!!!!!! It snowed for more than 24hrs straight here. It. Was. Ridiculous.

On to the new stuff! Well, here I am, still in the Denver 1st ward and I LOVE IT! Now Sister Bendorf and I have a new companion, Sister Cardosa who is from California. This girl has never seen it snow, so she was ECSTATIC when it started snowing. It was like it was Christmas for her. I have never seen someone so excited to see it snow.

In other news we had a baby shower for an investigator that was SO wonderful! A lot of the people from the ward really reached out to help her and make her feel loved. This week our ward is having a HUGE cultural night on Friday and we are super excited to see what teaching opportunities come from it. We have committed every member to invite a non member and everyone is getting super pumped about it.

Other than that. Not much else to report. We had an amazing week with finding opportunities and found some people who are really ready to hear the gospel and make changes. It was a perfect first week being a missionary for Sister Cardosa. Sister Bendorf and I have learned so much from her. Training a new missionary really shows you how much you lack and what your weaknesses really are. It is a wonderfully humbling experience.

I've got several pictures to send out so get ready!

I love you all


Hermana Voss

PS- I apologize in advance. As a companionship we are no longer speaking English (unless talking to someone who only speaks English) So my grammar and spelling is going to get even worse over the next 6 weeks. But you should still be able to read it..... more or less.....

1) Cake from the baby shower. Because what kind of email would this be without pictures of food
2) A member's dog just had puppies a few weeks ago. We were eating dinner and ALL of the kids came and put them in our laps. They were adorable!!!!!
3) Our Ward Mission Leader took us out for dinner. The dinner was INCREDIBLY delicious! I will say I miss seafood out here. Again. More food pics

 1) Hna. Cardosa partying in the snow
2) Dinner at El Paraiso
3) PUPPIES!!!!!

1)Terry the Tilapia
2)My lovely companions...... I love them!

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  1. Hi, this is Sister Janine Smith. I have a daughter, Sister Crystal Smith, serving in Grand Junction in the Pear Park Ward. Her 21st birthday is this Sunday, April 24th. I'm trying to find out who is feeding them this Sunday so we can coordinate some birthday surprises. Can you please help me out?