Monday, August 3, 2015

New area! Week 8

Drum roll please............ Here I am in Fruita CO.
For those of you itching for my new address here it is

Sister Voss
559 W. Pabor Way
Fruita Co 81521

We had transfers on Tuesday and I was transferred from Delta to Fruita and am now serving in the Fruita 2nd ward. My new companion, is Sister Kenworthy and she is just AMAZING! We are both "follow-up training" each other. Basically it means this is both our second transfer. AND we "white washed" the area. Missionary slang for: The missionaries that were serving here before were all transferred to another area and we get to figure the area out all by ourselves! It's exciting!

Fruita is a quirky little town. A lot like Port Townsend, but in the mid-desert. This place has about two things going for it. Dinosaurs and biking... You read that right.... Dinosaurs. There is a dinosaur museum that is as campy animatronic as you can get, it's hilariously gruesome. There is a giant T-rex statue in the middle of town square, a T-rex painted onto the side of an old grain building, and a stegosaurus painted on a restaurant's bilboard sign.

 And then there is biking. Lots and lots of biking. Did I mention biking? There are 3 bike stores in "downtown" Fruita. They take it very seriously here. OH! And there is this fantastic restaurant called the Hot Tomato. It is definitely as good as it sounds! Very "hipster" friendly. I felt like I was in Seattle again. Sister Kenworthy and I went there for our dinner on Thursday, its apparently tradition for the new missionaries in the area to go there for a meal during their first week. The food is delicious. If I'm here next transfer I'm sure we will go again!

Another weird fact about Fruita. The roads here are RIDICULOUS! We have roads like 15 1/2 rd and 14 1/8 road. I'm not kidding. Basically, they mark how far you are from the Utah border. Pretty genius, but also unimaginative hahahaha! The Fruita 2nd ward territory covers part of Fruita, all of Loma and Mack and then all the way out to the Utah border. Not sure what it is with me being sent to territories that are practically endless, but it makes for interesting adventures and we definitely make sure we are diligent! There aren't many houses out there, but on a P-day we have contemplated going all the way out to 0 road. Standing at the edge of the world! Okay, not the edge of the world, but the edge of the Colorado Denver South Mission world!

All in all, I love this area! Very quaint and quirky. Those are the best words I can use to describe this little town! :) There is a LOT of work to be done that I'm excited for! The sisters before us left us a LONG letter about the area and they thoroughly worked this area in searching, now we have an entire white board and a half to follow up on. We have got our work cut out for us and we are so excited to see what fruita we can reap! Ha! Fruit. Fruita! I crack myself up. Remember what I said about mission brain a few emails back? It makes you resort to corny jokes.

I apologize for not having pictures this week. I left my camera at home unfortunately! :( But I will have some next week :)

I love you all and I enjoy reading your replies! Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know how you're doing! Until next time.

Sister Voss

PS- If you get a chance, could ya'll send me your birthdays. I might not be able to send a card but I will probably be able to write you a little email :)

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  1. Hopefully this new place has air-conditioning...functional air-conditioning!