Monday, December 12, 2016

And she lived happily ever after... The end

Here I am. The end of my mission. I wish so much to express all of the things I have learned on my mission and I really want to share them with you all. But I will wait until we are in person and when the time is right.

My mission has been such a sacred experience and I would not trade it for the world. I am grateful for the knowledge that just because I take off the tag does not mean its not still imprinted over my heart.

These last 18 months will be looked upon as the best and worst moments of my life. I have truly loved being refined by the Lord  and knowing my divine nature and knowing who I am to my Heavenly Father. That knowledge is something I will always hold dear and will never let go of. I am a missionary. I am a servant. I am imperfect. I am special to Him.  I am a daughter of Heavenly Father and an heir to the Celestial Kingdom.

I leave you with my witness that Jesus is the Christ. He is the perfect Son of our Heavenly Father. He lived and died for us. He still lives! Joseph Smith was chosen by God to restore the gospel. Today we have a living prophet and 12 apostles just like Christ did when he established his church and ministry here on the earth. The Book of Mormon along with the Bible and other books of scripture tell us what we need to do to get back to living in His presence. Without Easter, there would be no Christmas. Light will always conquer darkness. I leave you these words in the sacred and blessed name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


Hermana Voss

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  1. Gracias por su servicio al Señor, Hermana Voss. Me ha encantado leer sus cartas y saber de sus experiencias durante la misión y me dio mucha alegría ver que al final le conoció a mi hijo, quien está sirviendo en CDSM también. ¡Qué Dios siempre le bendiga a usted!